What is the EuroNav 7?

The EuroNav 7 is a digital moving map generator and more. It has dozens of additional features that would assist a user during flight and in navigations.

The EuroNav 7 is a product created by EuroAvionics Navigationssystem GmbH in Germany. ARM Aviation Services is an appointed representative for EuroAvionics.

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Who uses the EuroNav?

Currently the EuroNav is being used by mostly law enforcement, military and paramedical agencies with helicopter operations all over the world.

It can been installed in Eurocopter, Sikorsky and Agusta helicopters, such as the EC-725, EC-135, AS-355, AS-365, S-92, A-109, AB-139. In Malaysia, the EuroNav has been installed in the Royal Malaysian Army's A-109LOHs, the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency's AS-365s as well as a number of civilian helicopters.

Why use the EuroNav?

The EuroNav has many features that helps with the flight operations of an aircraft.

EuroNav Maps – Several different types of maps can be placed in different magnification layers and overlaid together for ease of navigation. The maps can be set to display the maps as NorthUp, HeadingUp or TrackUp.

Vector Maps – Vector data allows for lines and shapes that could represent highways, roads, buildings, rivers and coastlines. Additional information such as street level address can be extremely useful for urban law enforcement helicopters. The data can also be called by the “Direct To” feature that allows users to select a location from the database and immediately create a flight plan to it.

Digital Terrain Elevation Data Maps – DTED maps memorizes each pixel’s altitude, heading and slope angle. Features of the DTED maps include ground proximity warning, realistic sunshading, and elevation over ground calculation. DTED maps for the seabed could be uploaded into EuroNav systems for ships and submarines.

Jeppesen Data – Acquired from Jeppesen company, this navigation data would be displayed on the EuroNav as aviation information useful for flight operations.

Graphical User Interface – The EuroNav functionality is further facilitated by a menu-driven GUI. Administrators can lengthen or shorten the menu to optimize for their operations. Macro recording allows users to store and replay button push sequences for quick access of required features.

Database Access – The EuroNav database can be accessed via the “Direct To” or selecting locations for a waypoint. The data can be sorted by list, name, number, map or location closest to aircraft. Emergency landing locations (such as hospitals or schools) can also be customized and uploaded for the Emergency feature, where the nearest locations are listed and a flight plan is made to the selected place.

For more information, please visit the EuroAvionics website.